• RoflOps

    Well... This is cool. I've been wanting to start a blog for the server. Especially one that shows my side of how the server is run.

    Well.... what's been going on in FunkyTown at least according to RoflOps?

    uh... to keep things short and sweet (for lack of energy atm) Nothing much.

    New cities are popping up, Swampcity,Tmaniacity (omg! tman's making a city? wtf?), and Nethercity. Those are the ones i've noticed and took a quick look at... I won't give the details just yet.. Probably should wait until they're done.

    Next, Creative seems to have attracted Greifers, lots of griefers. Guess I gotta pull the old Creative BanHammer out again. OH BOY! I can't wait! I've missed this Amazing Tool!

    Other than that, and for shortness's sake, that seems to be…

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